Personal Chef


Our desire is to use our passion for cooking with fresh, whole foods to draw your family back to your own dinner table. By taking the tasks of meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, storing a week’s worth of meals or more in your refrigerator and freezer, and kitchen cleanup out of your busy day, you will find you have more time to focus on yourself and your family.

Our service will eliminate your dinnertime stress, reduce unnecessary snacking before dinner, and help provide your family with a healthy, well-balanced diet, custom designed to cater to your family's likes and needs. We strive to use only the best quality ingredients, using organic and local foods when available and affordable, in order to keep your bodies and our earth in the best possible shape.
With our Integrated Nutrition Health Coaching background and experience, we can also offer our clients help in creating healthy diets that not only work well for them but taste fantastic as well.

Our services include:

  • Initial Complimentary Client Consultation to determine your needs likes and dislikes, and to discuss how the service works.
  • Menu Planning – entrees will be created based on your likes and needs, and they will be paired with an appropriate side dish,  based on your preferences. Each week’s menu will be printed for you and brought along to leave with the prepared food.
  • Grocery Shopping at the beginning of each cooking date to choose the freshest ingredients available for your meals.
  • Food Preparation in your kitchen, (or ours) as well as packaging, labeling, and storing in either the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Printed Heating Instructions for each specific entrée and side dish.
  • Kitchen Cleanup – leaving your kitchen beautifully clean and filled with the delicious scents of a day of cooking.

The Plans:

The 5/4 Plan         $425      
The 5/4 Plan provides 4 servings each of 5 delicious entrees paired with matching side dishes. The 5/4 Plan is the most popular option for my clients and provides the greatest value for your money.

The 4/4 Plan           $375
The 4/4 Plan provides 4 servings each of 4 entrees paired with side dishes. The 4/4 Plan is ideal if you like to dine out once or twice during the week.

The 5/2 Plan          $300
The 5/2 Plan provides 2 servings of 5 entrees paired with side dishes. The 5/2 plan is great for couples and empty nesters.

The 5/1 Plan      $175
The 5/1 Plan provides 1 serving of 5 entrees paired with side dishes. The 5/1 plan is great for the busy professional or someone who does not like to cook for just 1.

Prices stated are the personal chef fee; groceries are additional. 
The cost of food varies based on your food preferences but typically average $75 to $100 for one week of meals for two people or $100 to $125 for four people. Your actual costs may be lower or higher depending on your food preferences and dietary requirements.